Friday, September 29, 2006

Be Aware of The Market

Although trips to the gas station are expensive, not all distributors are experiencing dramatic spikes in costs, changes to their bottom line or price increases for customers. However, witnessing others in the industry experience an increase in operating costs due to the rising cost of fuel has been enough for many to become conscious of inevitable trickle-down effects, causing slight changes in the way some businesses function.

A wholesaler like Mike Sibulkin, vice president of Continental Lift Truck Corporation (Jordan, MN), doesn’t have many service vehicles on the road. Sibulkin has not been affected very much by the increase in fuel prices other than a few surcharges on the materials he receives. “We have not implemented a surcharge ourselves, but we are not running 20 or 30 service vans. If we were, we probably would have a charge,” Sibulkin says.

This article originally appeared in the Fourth Quarter, Fall 2006 issue of The MHEDA Journal ©
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