Sunday, May 20, 2012

New forklift truck videos strive to lower costs and improve health and safety

With stricter health and safety guidelines and more pressure to drive down costs, a new series of video guides from Briggs Equipment will help forklift and used forklifts fleet managers ensure safe working practices and identify areas where savings can be made.

The video guides, which can be viewed on Briggs's YouTube channel, span a range of topics including correct gas bottle changing, pre-shift checks and safe battery charging and topping. The step-by-step guides offer best practice tips and advice with demonstrations and instructions than will keep you and your forklifts and used forklifts drivers safe.

Experts at Briggs, which is Great Britain's sole national distributor for Yale Europe Materials Handling products, also feature in the videos, informing viewers on how to pre-plan for seasonal demands and what to consider when purchasing used equipment and used forklifts.

In addition, the company has opened its doors to give viewers a behind the scenes look at its operations - from the support given by its service centre to the engineering carried out in the workshop.

Richard Close, Briggs Equipment's CEO, commented: "We strive to help customers in any way that we can to inform and educate them about running forklift truck and used forklifts fleets safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Launching our YouTube channel is a step forward in this direction and more video guides will be produced on subjects that will be most beneficial to fleet managers as well as the wider industry."

To view any of Briggs Equipment's video guides visit the company's YouTube channel at


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