Thursday, May 31, 2012

Used Forklifts Safety Tips

Whether you are buying a new or Used Forklifts, or renting a machine for your business you’ll want to follow some general tips for safety. Professionals know that safety is a huge concern for operators and also that it’s a major cause of accidents and deaths among the industrial companies that require their use.


What Common Accidents Do New and Used Forklifts Professionals Need To Be Careful Of?
There are some accidents that are more common than others. One concern arises when a driver pulls away from the loading dock while the forklift is still loading. The problem here lies with a lack of communication and is easily preventable.

Forklifts do on occasion tip over. This can cause serious injury to both the operator of the new or Used Forklifts and any workers who are near the equipment when it falls. Pedestrians have been hit with forklifts as well .

Additional accidents that occur with forklifts involve the falling or dropping of loads in unexpected areas. This can cause injury to both the operator and anyone in the near vicinity of the drop.

How Can These Accidents Be Prevented?
Most of the accidents that occur with forklifts are preventable. Whether it’s a communication error, lack of training or simply the need for more awareness, accidents can be reduced.

OSHA does require that new or Used Forklifts operators meet or exceed training and safety programs before conducting operations. Make sure that all employees or professionals who will be using a forklift go through this OSHA training before working with the equipment.

It’s also important to keep forklifts well maintained. There are many ASE certified technician who can offer service plans to keep both new and Used Forklifts in tip top shape. It’s also important to only use those forklift parts that the manufacturer recommends.

How Often Should a new or Used Forklifts Be Checked?
Before a forklift specialist steps into the equipment each day, they should first make a proper examination. Daily examinations should always be done on equipment such as forklifts and they should be done at the beginning of each shift.

Operators need to make sure that safety is of the upmost importance when it comes to forklifts. There should be a checklist available and used at the end of each shift in regards to the new or Used Forklift and its performance.

By following some simple procedures and using common sense, new and Used Forklifts experts can prevent and reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Keeping equipment safe to use and well maintained will also increase the lifespan of a forklift, which in turn will save money for the business.


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