Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Rent A Forklift?

For companies involved in a variety of different industrial sectors the availability of equipment that can perform a variety of different tasks is invaluable. Forklifts and Used Forklifts are amongst the most versatile of all vehicles used in industries such as mining, construction and logistics. The forklift can be fitted with a variety of attachments that transform the vehicle into a number of different configurations, each suitable for a variety of tasks, such as earth moving. Many companies choose to rent a forklift rather than purchase a Used Forklift outright. This can make sound economic sense in variety of different circumstances.

The companies that rent a forklift can make use of the vehicle as and when it is required during the course of a project. This avoids a valuable asset lying unused while the company is still financing its ownership. Any asset that is not contributing to the productivity of the enterprise is by definition not being optimally used.
By renting a forklift the company enjoys its use during those periods of the project when it is essential to the completion of tasks that need to be performed during a certain phase of the project in order that the project goals are achieved. Failure to achieve these goals can result in significant penalties which can affect the viability of the company. In these tough economic times money spent on underperforming assets is not money well spent and the company will also incur other costs associated with the full ownership of the asset that would not be incurred if it chooses to rent a forklift.

By choosing to rent a forklift the company avoids the additional expenses involved in the maintenance of the equipment and the replacement of parts in the event of failure of the forklift. These services and parts are usually covered in terms of a full maintenance contract which is the preferred method of leasing a forklift in many industries. The full maintenance lease has other advantages. When choosing to rent a forklift the full maintenance lease makes qualified service personnel available at all times, in order to ensure that the forklift will continue to operate even under the harsh conditions that characterise the normal working environment for these vehicles.

The qualified service personnel will also only for manufacturer approved parts to any forklift covered by a full maintenance lease. The professionals who service forklifts will also only use manufacturer approved consumables and lubricants during regular servicing. This will extend the service intervals and ensure that the forklift operates at maximum efficiency which will have appositive effect on the completion of the project.
Any company that uses a forklift and chooses to rent the equipment will also avoid having the forklift reflected as a purchase on their books. This can make the counts more attractive to any financial institution that is approached to provide financing for any purpose, including the expansion of the business. The availability of additional finance can mean the difference between purchasing vital equipment to service a particular contract and losing out on the revenue that can be generated through winning additional contracts.

If the company is going to rent a forklift insted of buying a forklift or Used Forklift, then every effort must be made to ensure that the equipment is reliable and that any failure of these vital pieces of equipment will be dealt with extremely quickly and professionally. Making sure that the company that is leasing the forklifts has access to newer models with full service histories is an excellent first step to ensuring that the equipment that is being rented is in prime condition and able to contribute to the success of any project as soon as it is unloaded from the flatbed transport.


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  1. According to me, Mostly people hires forklift trucks for transporting heavy machinery, industrial works and construction works. Heavy machinery moving from one place to another will be very challenging but it will be very easy and safe from hiring forklift trucks.

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  2. I've seen way to many people try and rent of forklift for themselves instead of paying the forklift service to come and do it for them. And in the end they end up doing more damage than supposedly trying to fix it. Because I have a friend who did that very exact same thing.

  3. Thanks so much for the post. My husband has been looking for a place that has rental equipment in Chicago. Do you happen to have any recommendations? Please let me know, thanks.

  4. I think renting is the best route to take when it comes to forklifts. It's a pain to end up with a tool that big that you don't really need all the time. In a lot of cases, a simple rental will get the job done without the commitment. For me, it helps because it encourages me to do the task quickly.

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